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Hi-Fi Choice  |  May 04, 2018  |  0 comments
Designed to be unfussy about room positioning, the Kii THREE is a fully active loudspeaker built around Bruno Putzeys’ (HFC 426) Ncore Class D power amplifiers to handle six speaker drivers firing to the front, side and rear, but working together to throw the sound in the forward direction only. Measuring just 200 x 400 x 400mm (WxHxD), the compact system from the Germany-based specialist deploys its proprietary ‘Active Wave Focusing Filters’ to create a time-aligned output from the front-firing 25mm tweeter and 127mm midrange, plus 2x side and 2x rear-firing 165mm bass drivers. The sophisticated DSP ensures a coherent ‘forward’ sound and keeps the drive units within their safe operating range. A 16-position Boundary control allows the DSP to compensate for room positioning and a ‘Contour’ control selects from 14-preset EQ curves to fine tune the system to your taste.
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Following our Rock Jaw Audio Alfa Genus V2 competition last month, we can reveal that Pamela Ratchford from Stoke-on-Trent,Derek Briggsfrom BradfordandPaul Lockett from Crewe are the lucky winners. Congratulations! Your prize will arrive with you shortly. https://rockjawaudio. com/products/brand-new-alfa-genus-v2 .
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Since their debut at The Bristol Show in February (HFC 435), Naim has released further details about its three new standalone network streamers. Each model is built around the same streaming platform found in its integrated Uniti family and includes the ND5 XS 2 (£1,999), NDX 2 (£4,999) andND555 (£12,999). All models support PCM files up to 32-bit/ 384kHz and DSD128 via UPnP and provide access to Tidal, Spotify and Internet Radio network streaming services, together with AirPlay, Chromecast, Bluetooth and Roon compatibility. The ND5 XS 2 does without a display or remote control and, with no front panel controls, is reliant on Naim’s Control app, while the NDX 2 and ND555 (pictured) are fitted with a full colour LCD display as found on the Uniti models.
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Following on from its desktop DS-1 Bluetooth loudspeakers, Wharfedale has unveiled its next-generation DS-2 follow up. Featuring a 19mm silk dome tweeter and 75mm mid/bass driver, the wireless DS-2 outputs a claimed 2x 15W continuos power (2x 30W peak) and is designed for hook up to PCs and mobile devices. Connectivity includes a 3. 5mm analogue stereo input (on the master speaker) along with the aptX version of Bluetooth.
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Whenever the subject has come up for discussion at HFC, it seems that professional singers and musicians generally aren’t into audiophile-grade hi-fi. Why would they be? Immersed in their own music for a living, even the world’s greatest system is going to come off second best. Their ‘hi-fi jollies’ don’t involve 24/192 downloads but living and breathing the music itself. We can understand that.
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Hewn entirely from aircraft-grade aluminium and coated in an elegant brushed anodised skin, Magico’s new A3 floorstander sure is designed to stand out from thecrowd. Described by the Californian manufacturer as “the impossible made possible”, the A3 incorporates a pure beryllium-diaphragm tweeter with an optimised 28mm dome surface partnered by a 153mm multi-wall carbon fibre cone midrange driver with a layer of XG Nanographene for optimal stiffness and damping. A pair of 178mm low-frequency drivers complete the lineup, boasting the company’s new Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cone, which is claimed to offer the same properties as its midrange counterpart. With a quoted sensitivity of 88dB at 4ohm, the A3’s drivers are acoustically integrated using Magico’s Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topography to maximise bandwidth and minimise distortion.
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Atoll Electronics has unveiledits new Signature range, which incorporates a pair of amplifiers alongside a matching CD player. The IN200 and IN300 amplifiers are true dual mono designs with dual transformers, fast rectifiers and dual channel capacitors produced by Mundorf and Vishay. The £1,595 IN200 Signature boasts a claimed 120W output per channel into 8ohm, has two pairs of MOSFET transistors for each channel and symmetrical output stages with discrete components. Connectivity includes five line-level RCA inputs, a pair of XLR inputs, pre outputs for bi-amping or a subwoofer and a headphone out.
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2018 marks 50 years since Professor Gordon Edge came up with Cambridge Audio's first product, the P40 integrated amplifier. And so it seems rather fitting that one of the British company's founders is the inspiration for this new high-end series, released specifically to celebrate its golden anniversary. In a marked change from Cambridge's more traditional affordable fare, the new Edge series is designed to bring all of the company's experience in'Great British Sound' to produce its most accomplished system to date. Consequently, every product has been selected for its sonic merit throughan exhausting set of blind auditions, rather than working towards a price, featureset or series of measurements.
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Turntable orchestra What happens when Technics gathers 30 of the world’s best turntablists and gets them to scratch and cut Mendelssohn’s Concerto in E minor (the first LP issued, back in 1948)? The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra, that’s what. Check out the madness for yourself here. Procrastinate with RHA Glasgow-based RHA produces some of the most distinctive in-ear headphones in the business and its blog features everything from advice and news on its products to interviews with photographers from around the world and show reports. Find out more here.
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Welcome www. hifichoice. co. uk Issue No.
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Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Jamo has reintroduced its Studio speakers to the UK. The Studio 8 features compact cabinet designs incorporating 25mm soft dome tweeters while adopting reflex ports and WaveGuide technology for what Jamo describes as a dynamic, powerful performance. The range consists of three floorstanding models – the £625 S 809, £499 S 807 and £349 S 805 – two bookshelf speakers – the £249 S 803 and £155 S 801 – as well as centres and sub for home cinema use. The Studio 8 is available now in three matte finishes, is distriubted in the UK by Henley Audio and you can find out more about the range here.
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Originally launched exclusively in Germany to celebrate its 30th anniversary, AVM has revealed plans to introduce its AVM30 series into the UK via PMC UK Distribution. The entry-level range includes integrated pre and power amplifiers and a CD and media player and visitors to the Bristol Show got to see for themselves what it has to offer – see Show Report in the current issue. Drawing on the heritage of the AVM A2, the new £2,750 A 30 integrated amplifier takes the direct double-mono setup of its predecessor and adds additional functionality such as digital inputs, the latest version of Bluetooth and adjustment options for input sensitivity and sound control. The PA 30 preamplifier boasts an MM and MC phono module, the same adjustment options and connectivity including digital S/PDIF optical, coaxial and USB inputs plus Bluetooth.
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Branching out from its portable hi-res players, Astell&Kern has unveiled its new ACRO desktop audio series with the introduction of the ACRO L1000 headphone amplifier/DAC. Featuring two AK4490chips, the ACRO L1000 can playback PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz with no downsampling and supportsnative DSD up DSD256 without conversion. Crafted in aluminium and designed to sit at a 30° angle for ease of use, it incorporates a balanced XLR jack and speaker binding posts offering a claimed maximum output of up to 15W per channel at 4ohm. Meanwhile 2.
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On display for the first time at The Bristol Show in February (seeour full report in the latest issue), the Studio is the latest two-way standmount design from Monitor Audio. Without any kind of grille, Studio's designers tell us that the intention was to make the two metallic-silver RDT II speaker cones the focal point and give it an eye-catching contemporary edge. The dual 102mm drivers are modified versions of those found on its Platinum range flagship PL500 II floorstander. Utilising the same design principles and materials, a micro pleated diaphragm (MPD) is used as the cental high-frequency transducer.
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Monster Mash The half-time ads in the American football Superbowl are among the world’s most expensive to buy, so it came as a surprise to see a hi-fi company’s commercial featured this year. Click here to watch it and look out for the cameo by Monster’s CEO, Noel Lee. Truth in sound Speaker manufacturer MartinLogan has redesigned its website and the results are as uncompromising and unflinching as its speakers. Gorgeous photography, fascinating videos and all the specs you could ask for, it’s well worth a look.