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With much of the music industry's attention being focused on streaming figures and vinyl's continuing rise in popularity, it’s perhaps understandable that it's been a while since we looked at a group of CD players. Now that I come to think about it, there was a period over the last few years where the manufacture of new decks seemed to dry up all together – probably due to the rallying cries in favour of the other disc-shaped physical format as well as emerging non-physical options – and it almost appeared as though compact disc had had its day.

But new players have started to emerge once again, and in preparation for this month’s Group Test of silver disc spinners we generated a website poll to get a snapshot of just how many of us are continuing to purchase albums on the format, with a poll that simply asked: “Do you still buy CDs?”. The number of votes it received was truly astonishing, with 80 percent of voters indicating that they still bought music on the format. The HFC Facebook page also got in on the polling action, and I'd like to thank the numerous followers that commented, saying they still purchased and enjoyed listening to music on compact disc. So with plenty of us still using the format, we gather together six of the most popular players, ranging in price from £600 to £1,200. The roundup demonstrates just how much it has evolved, and that it sounds even better than ever.

Also inside the June issue: Fyne Audio’s £6k F702 Premium range floorstander, Copland’s CTA408 integrated valve amplifier with built-in MM/MC phono stage, Kanto’s YU6 powered standmount loudspeaker system and YBA’s Genesis IA3A solid-state integrated amplifier. Also, Music Legends pays tribute to avant-garde artist Scott Walker and Dealer Visit heads to Nottingham’s Castle Sound & Vision.

Lee Dunkley, Editor